Our center believes that:

  •  Children have the right to explore in a comfortable, stimulating, non-sexist, non-racist, multicultural environment that encourages their democratic freedoms within the confines of clearly defined limits.
  • These limits are to be administered by caring, qualified staff members who are both aware and capable of fostering growth in all areas of development.
  • Parents have the right to actively participate in forming policies, which empowers all parties directly involved with the Preschool to create a viable centre that services their needs.

Staff has the right to:

  • Respect, support, understanding and encouragement from all those concerned
  • Clearly defined personnel policies and procedures
  • Teaching autonomy
  • Direct input into making decisions
  • Opportunities for program planning


 We follow the "Guidance and Discipline with Young Children" guide provided by the Ministry of Health.

  • Establish clear, consistent, and simple limits.
  • State straightforward explanations for limits
  • Eg: "The sand needs to stay down low so it doesn't go in other's eyes."
  • State limits in a positive way
  • Focus on behavior, rather than the child
  • Gain child's attention in a respectful way
  • Use proximity and touch to help a child regain control
  • Remind to reinforce limits
  • Acknowledge feelings before setting limits
  • Model problem-solving skills
  • Offer appropriate choices
  • Use natural consequences
  • Redirect children whenever possible